Quality Management

In principle, the base materials are always the same: ink and paper. This results in a never ending cosmos of visual and tactile possibilities. The factors influencing the printing process are manifold and, unlike many other industrial products, the specific quality of a printed product cannot be determined with a simple measurement or performance check. This is why quality management is of particular importance at Druckhaus Götz. Images, surfaces and colors may meet with our “subjective approval”. Consistent quality, however, must comply with objective standards. Nowadays, the majority of printed products is generated collaboratively. This means that many customers supply their print data in a variety of standards and processing stages. In order to guarantee our customers optimal security, efficiency and consistent print quality, all processes occurring in our enterprise are subject to the strict guidelines of the QM-system with the respective applicable standard DIN EN 9001. This system is continuously monitored and optimized. The entire workflow consisting of color management, proof/print simulation, platemaking and print run is constantly verified. The strict compliance with the standards is documented according to DIN ISO 12647 certification – Process Standard for Offset Printing. In addition, we have a network of strong partners that we select and, if needed, cooperate with in accordance with the same requirements.