Prepress work

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All-round Service Prepress Work

Your orders are evaluated, placed and profiled within our Data Centre. Druckhaus Götz is perfectly equipped to meet all technical requirements regarding different formats, layouts, and styles.

Our Services include:

  • Constructing cutting dies for display packaging, regular packaging, and letter envelopes
  • Data handling for maps of all kinds
  • Implementing corrections in data delivered by clients
  • Our own colour server
  • XML handling
  • Media-neutral data

Composing Printing Layout

The latest processes and cutting-edge technology permit text processing in a wide range of ways:

Capturing text from manuscripts or converting data delivered by clients. Our Layout Composition Team will integrate text and images, also in SGML or XML upon request.

After your order has been finalized you will receive the respective data either as MS Word file, PDF, SGML or XML file. Profit from our years of typesetting experience for books and magazines!


Image Processing

We obtain best results from the images you submit!

  • Importing from various data file formats
  • Scanning of reflective or transparent originals (diapositives)
  • Colour conversion
  • Colour adjustment, photomontage, cut-outs, and retouching
  • Processing vector graphics  

Technical Equipment:

  • Calibrated (true-colour) monitors ensure uniform colour reproduction from data entry to printing
  • Macintosh and PC workstations with up-to-date Adobe software (InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator)
  • Scanner: Heidelberg Nexscan
  • Epson Proofer with GMG Rip delivers authentic colour reproduction

Colour Management 

We work using internationally accepted colour profiles according to DIN ISO 12647-2 Standards for Offset Lithographic Processes, and with Götz Colour Profile 4c+.

Just rely on our experts’ unerring eye!

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